Lighted Color Changing Vase

Rotating Color Changing Crystal Eagle Cube

This enchanting lamp has a crystal
cube on top of a color changing base.
The mirrored base is black and
rotates while the LED lights change
colors from green to red to blue
through a solid crystal glass cube.
The solid crystal glass cube has an
eagle on top of the Earth carved
inside it. The light casts a glow on
walls and the ceiling. The rotating
mirrored base as has an on/off
button and comes with a UL listed
adapter. With the crystal cube on top
of the base, the light is 5" high by
3-1/2" wide. An interesting table or
desk accent.
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Goldfinch LED Light

A lovely table accent, the Goldfinch
LED light. This LED light has two
lighted goldfinches on a base. One
goldfinch lights up blue and the other
goldfinch lights up green. The blue
and green LED lights can flash or stay
on steady. The goldfinches have
nature scenes inside of them. One
goldfinch has a forest and mountain
scene and the other goldfinch has an
autumn scene. The goldfinches are
sitting a grey rock that has pink
flowers with green leaves on it. There
is green grass around the rock. The
bottom of the base is brown. This
goldfinch LED light uses 2 AA batteries
(not included). This goldfinch LED light
is 6.5"high by 5.5"wide. Great gift for
bird owners or nature lovers.
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Rotating Color Changing Crystal Eagle Cube
Goldfinch LED Light

LED Light Wax Candle


Set of 5 White LED Light Tea Candles

Add the ambiance of candlelight without the flame or
smoke with this LED light wax pillar candle. Looking and
feeling similar to a real candle, this battery powered LED
light wax flameless candle is a smart and safe alternative.
This LED light candle has a cylindrical white wax exterior
and a recessed plastic flame. When on, the flame lights
up yellow and flickers like a real flame. The candle casts a
warm yellow glow. This candle has an on/off switch on
the bottom. Once the candle is switched to on, the candle
can be turned off and on by pressing the small buttons
beside the flame. Since the wax does not melt, this LED
light wax candle is the no mess and inexpensive way to
enjoy candlelight. Having no flame and no smoke, this
portable LED light wax candle can be placed where real
candles can't. This LED light wax candle uses 2 AA
batteries (not included). This LED light wax candle is 5"
high and 3" wide. Makes a great decoration or accent for
a room.
This set of 5 battery powered white
LED light tea candles is a smart, safe
alternative to burning tea candles.
White plastic is made to look like tea
candles with clear rubbery flames.
Instead of using fire for light, these
tea candles have white LED lights.
The white LED lights flicker like candle
flames. Each tea candle has an on/off
switch on the bottom. These LED light
tea candles are the no mess way to
enjoy candlelight and without the risk
of fire. Because there is no flame or
smoke, these LED light tea candles
can be placed where traditional
candles can't. Try placing these LED
light tea candles in candle holders for
a soft white glow. These LED light tea
candles are battery powered and
portable, so they can be placed
anywhere. The batteries are included.
Each white LED light tea candle is 2"
high and each has a 1.5" diameter.
Set of 5 White LED LIght Tea Candles
LED Light Wax Candle

Lighted Color Changing Vase

Flowers in this vase can be accented
by a white light or a rainbow of
changing colors. This vase has two
settings: the white light on or the
LED lights changing colors. The LED
lights phase between the colors of
red, blue, and green. Simply push
down on the vase to turn on or off.
When off, the vase is white. This vase
is made of acrylic. The top of the vase
is removable for easy cleaning. This
lighted vase uses 3 AA batteries (not
included). The lighted vase is 9.5"
high by 4" in diameter. This lighted
color changing vase is ideal for any
room of the home. Also, great for
holidays and special occasions.
Color Changing Setting of the Lighted Vase
The vase with the color changing
LED lights on.
Animatronic Marine Life Set Humpback Whale
Create your own Animatronic marine life wave of light. Build a humpback whale,
seal, or dolphin, then bring your creation to life. This Wave of Light Animatronic
marine life building set has swimming motion, blue LED lights, and aquatic
sounds. This set includes a humpback whale, seal, and dolphin to build. The 3d
form of each marine animal is made up of 20 pieces. Easily assemble the
humpback whale, seal, or dolphin by slipping the pieces into the slots on the
base. Each piece is numbered for uncomplicated placement. The pieces can be
removed from the base effortlessly. On the pieces is a different letter for the
humpback whale, seal, or dolphin. Since the pieces are lettered, the pieces can
be interchanged to create different marine creatures without the pieces for the
included marine animals getting mixed up. The dolphin comes already placed in
the base. Press the center button to bring the marine animal to life. When the
motion is on, the pieces move up and down making the marine animal appear to
be swimming. Six blue LED lights shine from below the marine animal in a wave of
blue light. Has 3 different motion and light modes to choose from and adjustable
aquatic underwater sound effects. The first mode brings the marine animals to
life by turning the LED lights, sound, and movement all on. The second mode has
the LED lights on with the movement off. The third mode has the movement on
and the LED lights off. Press the center button to switch between the modes or
to turn off. The aquatic undersea sounds can be adjusted to high or low, or be
turned off by pressing the volume button. The base also has a sleep timer. The
sleep timer can be set to turn off after 30 minutes or set to turn off after 60
minutes by pressing the sleep mode button. Will make a water drop sound when
setting the sleep time. When off, the marine animals are blue. The base is navy
blue with blue buttons. The Wave of Light Animatronic marine life set is wireless
and can be placed anywhere in the home or office. Uses 3 C batteries or 4.5 DC
adapter (both not included). The base is 10" wide. The humpback whale is 8"
wide and 3" high, the seal is 8" wide and 2.5" high, and the dolphin is 8" wide
and 4" high. For ages 6 and older. Watch the glowing blue natural motion of the
marine animals and listen to the peaceful aquatic sounds, creating  a relaxing
and tranquil environment. Combining light, sound, and motion this Wave of Light
Animatronic marine life set creates a serene undersea atmosphere.

Wave of Light Animatronic Marine Life Building Set of Humpback
Whale, Seal, and Dolphin with Sound, LED Lights, and Motion

Animatronic Marine Life Set Seal
Animatronic Marine Life Set Dolphin