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Set of 24 Neon, Scented
Pastel, Swirl, and
Glitter Gel Pens
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Set of 24 neon, scented pastel, swirl,
and glitter gel pens. A vast set of
pens in many gel ink varieties and
hues. This set includes 3 neon color
gel ink pens, 6 scented pastel color
gel ink pens, 3 swirl gel ink pens, and
12 glitter color gel ink pens. The neon
gel ink colors are pink, blue, and
yellow. The scented pastel gel ink
colors are green, orange, pink, blue,
yellow, and purple. The pastel swirl
gel ink is three different pastel colors
swirled together in one pen. One pen
has blue, purple, green pastel swirl
gel ink, one pen has pink,blue, green
pastel swirl gel ink, and one pen has
pink, purple, blue pastel swirl gel
ink. The glitter gel ink colors are
bronze, purple, green, yellow, pink,
blue, red, orange, gold, teal, silver,
and black. Conforms to the ASTM D
4236. These gel pens are excellent for
writing in memory books or
scrapbooks, journals, diaries,
notebooks, light and dark colored
paper, and etc. Also superb for taking
notes at school, drawing, art and class
projects, writing creative letters,
making unique greeting cards and
invitations, and more.
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